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The last few months have been so exciting, and I appreciate you all for sharing in this journey with me. The support and well wishes I’ve...

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A lot of things in life are only seasonal—people, places, and materialistic things. I understand this, and I know that as I grow and life changes...

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Slogan: Built to Bear

• “God built me to last” – Jackie Robinson
    [tattooed on my right forearm]

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Mission Statement

The mission of @UrB3st, The Quanitra Hollingsworth Foundation, is to support 501c3 non profit organizations that nurture a healthy lifestyle and educate children in the community.


The Quanitra Hollingsworth Foundation was created to bring awareness and build funds for 501c3 organizations in Quanitra’s hometown of Hampton Roads,  VA and ultimately spread to her playing cities both in the United States and abroad. The organizations that will be supported by the foundation will have a focus on programs that nurture a healthy lifestyle and educate children.

We focused our attention on establishing a strong relationship with Children’s Harbor in Hampton Roads during the first year of our community endeavors. The mission of Children Harbor is to give all children access to quality early care and education.


@UrB3st: The Quanitra Hollingsworth Foundation is headquartered in Chesapeake, VA.

Management and Personnel

Michael Toliver
Records and Bookkeeping

Cirilo McLaine
Community Efforts and Public Relations 

Event Coordinators for @UrB3st

Mrs. Angela Pelzer & Mrs. Latrece Williams-McKnight
The Quanitra Hollingsworth Foundation